Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've been thinking a lot. Usually when I'm cleaning fish tanks at work I just have tons of crazy thoughts run through my head. It never stops. One minute I'm thinking about what I'm going to write my college essay about - the next I try to think of Turkish words and quiz myself, but then I usually get interrupted by some people who want to buy fish - which always reminds me of my dead goldfish, Matisyahu, whom I loved so much! See? I get so distracted! Anyway, it doesn't help that my friend is in Turkey right now. She said: "Danielle, you are going to LOVE IT HERE!" So not only am I incredibly jealous that she's there right now having the time of her life, but the fact that I have to wait till the end of August to go just kills me! And there I go again, whinning, when I have no reason to be. It makes me sound ungrateful, and believe me, I am SO grateful! So I think my problem is that I think, but not properly sometimes. That probably doesn't make much sense..but that's okay. (Tamam or Peki is "okay" in Turkish!).

Turkish Mosque - This is where Turkish people go to think, pray, and worship. This might come in handy for me some day.

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