Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Conflicts?! I think not..

Recently in Turkey there has been a huge conflict between the Turks and Israelis. Apparently a ship containing a vast amount of activists, many of whom were Turkish, entered into Israeli territory. Israel felt threatened and raided the ship. Several people aboard were injured and some were killed. There were at least four Turkish people that were killed. This enraged the Turks and I don't blame them for being so upset. The whole situation in general was unacceptable - but there isn't much that can be done at this point. However, because the United States has been a strong ally to Israel, the Turks are not only upset with them, but the USA. Of course we had nothing to do with what occurred, but this is how the world works sometimes. I was worried that this conflict would prevent my going abroad to Turkey, but apparently the summer people are still going - and by the time I go the whole issue will have cooled down. Besides that, I am getting more and more anxious everyday. I have been trying to learn as much Turkish as possible, but it is quite difficult. I'll get better in time though :) Today I estimated or briefly counted the number of days till mid-August and it seems to be around 60-70 days. That is a long time. But I suppose its much needed because I have to do all my college applications this summer, work as much as possible, and spend some valuable time with my friends. I decided that once abroad, besides updating this blog and Facebook/e-mails occasionally, I want to cut myself from all contact here. The time difference will help with that because when the majority of people back in the US will be online, I'll be dead asleep. And I mean dead - learning a language is exhausting! Well that's the latest for now.

Oh, I almost forget! I have been "officially" accepted by AFS-Turkey. Which means the country have Turkey has granted me permission to be an exchange student in their country. Now I just have to find out about my host family..which could be awhile. But that's okay, I like surprises. Güle güle!

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