Friday, July 30, 2010


I'M GOING TO TRABZON, TURKIYE!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what!?! I have the best host family ever! I have two lovely parents Nurhayat & Ayhan and three beautiful sisters Ecren, Ecmel, & Ecesu! My host mother, Nurhayat, is an civil engineer and my host father is a mechanical engineer and owns three restaurants and a cosmetics company! Ecren is 16 years old and Ecmel is 14 - we will all be attending high school together and luckily both speak some English which will be really helpful for me when trying to learn Turkish! Ecesu is 5 and she's absolutely adorable! I can't wait to meet them all, they are going to be so perfect :) They live in an apartment flat in the city and it's only three miles away from our high school (Kanuni Anadolu Lisesi). I will be in the same grade as Ecren and she will help me with my studies :) Trabzon is very beautiful and is on the Black Sea coast. From Istanbul by bus it's about a days worth of's way far out in Turkey! But I absolutely love it and I'm really going to enjoy my time there. I just wish I could be there now..September 5th is when I will see them! Çok heyecanlıyım! :)

Nurhayat - Ayhan (with little Ecesu) - Ecren - Ecmel

Such a beautiful family :)

Trabzon City! 

It's so beautiful! 

I love my sisters! Can't wait to meet them :)

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