Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mevlâna (Whirling Dervish Festival)

It was a wonderful experience going to the whirling dervish festival in Konya. This time I met some Turkey AFSers from other countries such as Germany, Italy, Venezula, Taiwain, etc. That was a lot of fun! The whirling dervishes continuously spin around in a circle (sometimes for hours) in a spiritual honor of God. There is a whole process that goes on: it's hard for me to explain but if you're interested you can check out the link which gives the details. I don't understand how they can just spin for so long without getting dizzy. It's truly amazing. After the festival, the rest of the exchange students went home but only us four Trabzoners stayed for our "end of the semester" orientation. The night before (at the hotel) we had a lot of fun experiencing the snow in Ankara. Of course, I'm used to lots of snow, but Victor and Cristina had never seen it before and were very excited! That was interesting..anyway, I wanted to keep this post short. I'm busy working on various college things and preparing for my life when I return back home (which I hate to think about..) I'm anxious for Christmas, although it will be quite different here. I'm sure I will enjoy it regardless. Also, my books finally came in the mail! The ones my parents sent me from back home. yayyyy for reading! Here are some pictures of the festival:

Turkey AFSers!



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