Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today we went to the Sumela Monestary which is located in the mountain region of Trabzon. It was SOOOO beautiful, it really was. It's incredible because it was built into the rocks of the mountain, which seemed impossible during the time period when it was built considering their lack of technology. It was obvious that many people died while trying to build it, but it was their service to God and if they died, it was for a good reason. Very sad - they were so dedicated to their religion. Before we walked the pathway up to the Monestary, we had some çay and talked in a small cafe. My host families cousins, aunt, and their uncle joined us. It was really nice to get some fresh air too since I've been in the city. It reminded me of Maine a lot! I told my host family that I wanted to build a house up there. They just laughed. I think that might be kind of difficult, but its worth dreaming. It was very misty/cloudy which they were disappointed about, but I still thought it was beautiful. Perhaps we will go back again on a nicer day. Tomorrow is the first day of school; however, I am unable to attend classes. Apparently my registration forms are running late. I will still go with my sisters and watch their opening "assembly" thing, and perhaps still wear my uniform for fun :) I have language class at four that day and I need time to pack anyway. Yes, pack...becauseeeeeeeee I am going back to ANKARA! So this is another reason why I'm missing school all week. All the AFS-Turkey students are meeting in Ankara for a security debriefing and some touring around. I'm really excited to see my buddies who have been in Samsun! We leave early Tuesday morning and I'll return sometime Friday. I think it will be a lot of fun, and it will also give my sisters some time to adjust into their school schedule. As for me, I'll be anxiously awaiting for the following Monday. I will be focusing on Science and Math (oh noooo!) even though I wanted to focus on Literature. At least I will be in my sister (Ecren's) class - so she can help me :) I will post again either tomorrow or when I return from my trip! (I know everyone is dying to see a picture of me in my;)) hosçakal! 


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  1. Just so beautiful Danielle - what a gift to be there.