Friday, May 28, 2010

First Post!

Merhaba! That means "Hello" in Turkish! I'm not very good at this whole 'blogging' thing, I must admit. Perhaps I should get better considering I will be using it quite a bit. I want to keep a good account of my adventures! I depart sometime in late August for Turkey - my exact whereabouts are still unknown. I'm hoping for either Istanbul, Bursa, or Antayla. I wish I was going for a year. My parents would only allow me to go for a fall semester considering it will be my Senior year in high school and it would have been too much absence right before college. I guess I'm not such a horrible child after all. I bet once I'm gone they won't want me back..and that's okay with me because I know I'm going to love Turkey. Coming home will be the last thing on my mind! I just recently got a summer job which will be nice. It will keep my mind off the anticipation of leaving. I also just went to an AFS orientation which was loads of fun! However, it only made me become even more anxious. Although I have to say that going abroad to Turkey has been a miracle. I will tell you why eventually, but not right now because its 12:00am and I'm awfully sleepy. Yes, its a Friday night so I'm allowed to stay up this late. I'm not typically a nighthawk, but I believe weekends are valuable in time - best make use of them! So I shall say good-night to the blogging world! Or as they would say in Turkish "iyi geceler" :)

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